Titanium Nails Now In Stock

The titanium nail is a tool used for the consumption of legal essential oils and concentrates. These nails fit in a variety of water pipes and vapor rigs (also called concentrate rigs) and offer a significant improvement in material over quartz because of their durability and heat retention. To use a titanium nail, one heats up the nail first using a torch, then places their legal or wax on the nail. Upon contact, the hot nail vaporizers the concentrates into vapor for consumption through the pipe.


No matter what you may be looking for to accessorize your pipe, this is the place to do it! You will find a variety of slides, dabbers, downstems, keck clips, adapters and carb caps! You will even see some containers, cleaners, RezBlock, and pollen presses. If you are wanting to get a drop down to protect your glass joint this is the place to do it or if you need to change the angle of a joint you can find bent adapters for that! Be sure to check out the selection of glycerin and carbon filter adapters we have as well, they will change the game for you!


Adapters are attachments for smoking devices and other items. In glassware, joint sizes are standardized (for the most part) to three common sizes: 10mm, 14.5mm and 18.8mm. Joints also have a “gender” of male or female. Depending on the joint size and gender, certain adapters will fit. Often times, adapters convert from one size to another size, from one gender to another gender, or a combination of size and gender conversions. Adapters serve a wide range of purposes, and can customize your piece to perfectly suit your needs.


A bowl (also called a slide) is an essential part of every pipe (with a joint). These pieces attach to a pipe and serve one important purpose: holding the tobacco or loose leaf herb. Knowing whether a bowl will fit a certain water pipe depends on the joint size and gender of that water pipe.


Ashcatchers are typically attachments for a water pipe that offer extra filtration and/or helps keep your water pipe clean from ash and debris. Ashcatchers come in various shapes, sizes, and styles/numbers of percolators. You may even use your ashcatcher as a pipe by hooking up a j-hook with mouthpiece, and then you have a fully functional water pipe! Knowing whether or not an ashcatcher will fit a certain water pipe depends on the joint size and gender of that water pipe, and also be sure to check the angle of the joint on the ash catcher.

Carb Caps

A Carb Cap is an instrument designed for use with domeless nails. These devices have a small hole to let air through the cap. To use a carb cap, one heats up the domeless nail as always, puts the oil or concentrate on the nail, and then places the carb cap over the domeless nail.
Carb caps prevent the loss of vapor by serving as a cover, as well as providing many other advantages such as restricting the heat and airflow to the nail, offering superior flavor.


Bubblers are basically little hand-held water pipes, in the sense that they can take water and will assist in filtering and percolating. The filtration of a water pipe, in the convenience of a spoon. Whether you are searching for a hammer or sherlock, heady or scientific, we have a great selection of bubblers to choose from!


A chillum is a simple hand pipe. Known for their portability and ease of use, chillums are a popular option for those beginners or those who value the connivence and smaller size than other devices. Simply pack the end of the chillum with tobacco or loose herb, light, and inhale.


A dabber tool is an instrument used to assist with the use of legal oils and concentrates. This simple tool usually has one function, to apply the oils or waxes to the heated nail.

Concentrate Pipes

Oil rigs, vapor rigs, and dab rigs are a form of a concentrate pipe that is used to smoke legal essential oils and concentrates.


A downstem is a glass piece that fits into a beaker style water pipe. The downstem’s function is to direct the smoke from the slide (or bowl piece) through it’s shaft to under the water. Depending on the style of downstem, the smoke is diffused in some way as it leaves the downstem.


Dropdowns are a specific type of adapter that adds space between your glass piece and your nail/bowl.  By adding some space, not only do drop downs make smoking a bit more comfortable, but it also provides an extra safety measure as an separation between your nail and you piece.

Electronic Nails

E-Nails or Electronic nails are the combination of engineering and concentrates.  Precise, and often allowing for temperature control, these nails heat up to the precise set temperature and allows for an steady even experience.  For the true concentrate user.

Glass Domes

A glass dome fits over a quartz or titanium nail and helps retain the vapor from using legal oils or concentrates.  When the oil or wax is applied to the nail, the user inhales and the glass domes helps contain the vapor inside the dome.


Grinders are devices used to crush, shred, and grind dry herbs and spices. Herb grinders break up your herb and spices into a more usable form, and will allow it to burn more evenly. A grinder is an excellent investment for those who use herbs and spices and don’t want to lose a single bit of their product. There are 2,3, and 4 piece grinders here, with magnetic tops, pollen screens and storage, and even some clear tops to check out the grinder in action!

Quartz Nails

Quartz is a popular material used in our industry to create concentrate nails.  Many people love these nails because of the pure and clean taste that quartz provides.  That, in addition to the quality and durability of quartz makes it a popular pick.


A reclaimer is an attachment for your vapor or concentrate rig. These remarkable devices “reclaim” the legal essential oils or waxes that you would have otherwise lost by capturing them on the bottom part of the reclaimer. Often times the bottom cap is removable for easy access to your saved oils and concentrates. Reclaimers can offer substantial savings and pay themselves off very quickly!


Recyclers are a specific type of glass water pipe that “recycles” the water throughout its chambers. Water and smoke travels from one chamber to the next, then back down and through the first chamber, providing a continuous loop of filtration. Recyclers are great pieces for dry herbs and concentrates, the recycling function cools the smoke down and preserves flavor! There are a variety of styles, like the Klein or the Incycler, and you will find all types of “percs” in Recyclers, from Swiss to Gridded Inlines!

Rolling Papers

Juicy Js, RAW, Elements, OCB, and ZEN are the paper products we carry. You can choose from a variety of sizes like slims, king size, and 12 inchers! We have a great selection of flavored rolling papers by Juicy J’s and even some of the gold SHINE papers for those seeking something extraordinary! You can also find some rollers here to aid you in the rolling process.

Spoon Pipes

A spoon is the common term for a style of hand pipe. Spoons are the quintessential hand pipe, and feature three main parts. A indent with a hole (this is where one packs their tobacco and loose herb) called the bowl, a carb or choke (lets in air to clear the smoke), and a neck to direct the smoke to the user.


A steamroller typically features a inset part to pack the tobacco or loose leaf, with a air intake hole at one end, and a mouthpiece at the other end.  Covering the air intake hole allows smoke to be draw in through the inset, and releasing the air intake hole clears the piece by letting fresh air in.

Stash Jars

Stash jars are containers designed for your loose leaf tobacco and dry herbs.  Start stashing your herb in stash jars, cases, and containers today.  These jars often offer value in the form of discretion or internal airtight seals.


A torch is a fuel powered device used in many applications.  Commonly powered by butane fuel, torches use the butane to generate a jet-blue flame which can then be used to heat ceramic, titanium, or quartz domeless nails and accessories.  A must have for every concentrate lover.


Vaporizers are the latest innovation in the smoking industry.  Using electronic heating methods, vaporizers precisely heat your oil, dry herb, or e-liquid to the ideal temperature for consumption.  Using state of the art technology, our vaporizers are ideal for those looking for a portable, healthier option.

Vaporizer Accessories

These accessories are specifically designed for vapes and vaporizers.  Add-ons such as vaporizer accessories can add functionality or features to an existing vaporizer or vaporizer part.  You can get devices which help you recharge your device, hold it at a concert, and more.  Just have a look around our blog to get some more ideas about new accessories that are currently for sale.

Water Pipes

Commonly referred to as water bongs, glass water pipes are a standard way of smoking legal herbs and tobacco, as well as essential oils and concentrates. Water provides a means of filtration through percolation.
By Use:  For Dry Herbs and Tobacco – Dab Rigs / Vapor Rigs for Oils
By Size:  Short (Under 8″) – Medium (8″ – 14″) – Tall (Over 14″)

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